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5 Ways to Break From Your Blog and Save Your Sanity… While Keeping Readers Interested

Let‚’ face it. Sometimes blogging becomes a tedious chore filled with procrastination and writer‚’ block. And that‚’ a shame, because it should be a joyful relationship between you and your audience.

But no matter how passionate you are about your subject you will inevitably need a break. A breather to recoup and refill your creative reservoir. But here‚’ the problem‚ while you’re off taking a break your readers are becoming disinterested and forget about you completely.

So what do you do? Should you push through it and keep writing? Probably not.

Here‚’ the scary truth. If you dread writing posts, your readers can always tell. They will see a clear lack in quality and your posts will be unfulfilling to them. That‚’ when you see your subscriber list and reader engagement tank. It‚’ how you turn an outstanding blog into a complete failure.

But there is a way to take a break from posting and still keep your readers interested. In fact, there are 5 simple tricks to accomplish this and they can even increase your reader engagement while you take a much-deserved break.

Ask a question

This is the easiest way to get your readers involved and it will take less than 2 minutes and no mental strain. It‚’ also a great way to get inspiration for a slew of other posts. Ask your readers what they want to read. The post can be as simple as:

I appreciate all of you and thanks for reading my blog. But today I want to hear from you. If there are any topics you’d love to hear about, just leave them in the comments section and have a great day!‚”

And you’re done! Sit back, take a break and let your readers plan your next few posts. The best part is you will be armed with ideas you know they’ll love.

Best of Post

Throw together a list of 10 of your best posts. Ones that got a lot of comments, a lot of shares or articles you really loved and want to give another run. Write up a short intro and go right into the list. Often you’ll find inspiration from your old posts that will help you once you return from your break.

Resource List

Give your readers an inside look into what makes your blog great by giving them some of the resources that inspired you. Make a quick list of books, blogs or other resources you read and reference often. Obviously, you need to be careful about losing readership to your competition. But if your blog offers readers a unique experience, you should have nothing to worry about.

Thank you Post

Quick and easy. Write a short paragraph thanking your readers for their loyalty. It doesn’t have to be long to be sincere and your readers will feel more connected to you. And if you really want to thank them, give them a freebie or a coupon for one of your products or services. It‚’ a great way to get your post shared.

Open and Honest Reruns

This requires some sort of introduction, but it is a great way to take an extended break without abandoning your audience. Write up a post letting your readers know that for the next [X amount of time] you’ll be reposting some oldies but goodies. This is a lot like the ‚”Best of Post‚” except you can prolong your break by taking up multiple postings. This technique is best suited for blogs that post everyday. Don’t make your readers wait too long for original content.

A couple rules:

  1. Don’t try to be sneaky
  2. Only reuse posts that got a lot of good response.

If you try to use this technique without letting your readers know first, you will get caught and you will lose subscribers. Also, don’t just post any old article. Give them the good stuff. The extremely helpful posts people love.

One Final Note

Obviously you have to do a little work during your rest period, but as you can see it‚’ not much. Operating a successful blog can be very rewarding for your business and you personally, but it‚’ easy to get burned out. Don’t let your quality suffer. Give these a try first.