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Helpful Ways to Avoid a Creative Block- Part 1

It happens. Sometimes you just hit that creative wall. For individuals who thrive on creativity, or whose jobs revolve around having to being creative, like the Advertising Industry, experiencing that creative block can be very frustrating and at times stressful. Relax. Here are some tips we found that might help when you come face to face with that wall.

1. Sketch or doodle in a notebook. When you’re faced with a new project, try just sketching out concepts or ideas in a notebook. Drawing or doodling has a way of freeing up your mind and usually helps to distract from the millions of other things going on in there- because we all know that the mind can be a crazy, hectic place sometimes. Taking a few minutes to draw is a good way to get the creative juices going again and you might be surprised how easily ideas come back to you by doing this little exercise.

2. Seek out some visual inspiration. Let yourself be inspired by the work of others. Sometimes looking through designs, photos, or images created by other people can be a great way to jump-start your own creative thought. Check out some Inspiration Design Galleries on the internet or visit some Niche Social Networks to Get Your Design Creativity On. Routinely checking out these sites is also a good way to stay up to date with the current design trends.

3. Get some fresh air. Sitting all day can lead to a form of unproductivity, and may cause you to keep going back to the same things and looking at them over an over again without much momentum forward.  Going outside for a short walk, say during your lunch break, is another way to clear the brain and re-set. The combination of fresh air and nature just might drive you to some new inspiration for a project.

4. Browse around for new fonts. Designers know that fonts are used for more than just saying something‚ they are used to create and build something. Searching through new fonts is another way to freshen up your thinking patterns and gives you yet another source of inspiration to draw from. Just seeing a particular line or curve, or brand new funky font might trigger a whole new concept for your project.

5. STOP second-guessing yourself. This one is a challenge for many people. The degree of self-doubt varies from person-to-person, but let’s be honest‚ we’ve all experienced it at one point or another.  An entire new world will open up once you allow yourself to break free from the emotional stumbling block of comparing yourself to other people. Hold your head up high, work hard, and believe in yourself. You might be surprised at what you can accomplish with this new-found confidence.

Source: InspiredMag