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How to Write Shareable Content

Who would’ve ever thought that blogging and social media would become such a big part of a business‚’ online marketing plan? While many old-school marketers have pushed off this crucial component they can no longer deny its benefits for any business. Not only is it a vital step for SEO purposes (more on that later) but it connects you with your readers and fosters lasting relationships.

Many writers struggle with how to create content that will capture readers. They may put endless hours into a single blog article, only to see a few measly clicks or visits to the post. Here are a few expert tips on how to write content that‚’ easy to read, interesting, and original.

Keep it simple, stupid

While I try to refrain from cliche sayings, “Keep it simple, stupid” is just so applicable. If you have a complex idea or topic to write about, keep in mind your audience. Will they understand what you’re saying? Will they be interested in that topic? Chances are, they don’t know as much as you do that‚ why they seek your business or blog in the first place. Make sure to keep topics as simple or complex as your audience is, and consider breaking it up into multiple posts. This will keep it easy to read while still getting the point across.

Make it interesting

That being said, interesting can be a relative term. This may be difficult, as some topics can’t help but be a tad boring to some readers. But hey, if you felt passionate enough about your craft to start a blog about it, then surely others will as well. It’s just about finding the right audience. You can keep blogs interesting by tying them to current events, national trends, and social media.

Find your voice

This is much easier said than done. Finding your own unique blogging voice is something many professionals still struggle with. And to be entirely honest, readers can tell when you’re not as enthusiastic about your writing no pressure or anything. So, don’t be afraid to show a little personality in your writing.

However, if you’re writing on behalf of a company, adopt the voice of that brand. After all, consistency is key with any online marketing plan. Walk, talk, breathe, eat, and sleep your brand until it becomes second nature. (A little too hard-core? Maybe, but you get the idea.)

Forget the rules!

Blogging is an incredibly easy medium to use when distributing information. Like social media, there really aren’t any rules you can’t break (double negatives, anyone?) Start sentences with and use dashes to make a point, or write in incomplete sentences. Go wild! As long as what you’re writing makes sense, delivers the message, and evokes the feel and voice of your brand, you’re good to go. But remember, professional writing and accurate information will only add to your credibility as a blogger.

Aside from grammar and sentence structure, bloggers can also ignore a few formatting rules. Need to emphasize a sentence or word? Go ahead, bold it. Want to make your writing more digestible? Break it into short and sweet paragraphs, like this blog post. If your readers are anything like me, they’re extremely impatient and want to read and understand the content right away. Bullet points, bold text, and short chunks of text will help to achieve this.

Don’t sweat it

Don’t be too hard on yourself. It’s simple: If you’re passionate about your topics, it will translate into your writing!