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The Power of Pinterest

Since its inception in 2010, Pinterest has captivated and inspired users with its innovative yet simplistic visual discovery engine. Pinterest bringing stories to life and helping users (also known as “Pinners”) discover new things they want may want to plan, buy and experience in the future. The unique, visual nature of Pinterest continues to captivate new users with its continuous stream of content that Pinners simply love to engage with!

Why is this social platform such a sensation? And more importantly—as marketers, how is Pinterest relevant to the modern marketing plan? Read on to learn a few of the many profound powers of Pinterest, according to the social media experts here at Borcz + Dixon:

Inspire Your Audience: Today’s consumers continue to turn to Pinterest because they are looking to be inspired. Pinterest is a powerful way for businesses to reach both new and existing target audiences in a new and exciting way. Pinterest helps users find creative ideas and inspiration for future projects, events and more—whether they’re planning their kitchen’s next makeover, designing their dream wedding or planning family meals for the week. Pinners hope to find fresh, new ideas to incorporate into their everyday lives and to help them plan their futures—whether that pin is a crisp new color palette for their dorm room, or their dream engagement ring.

Drive Traffic to Your Website: Each pin on Pinterest is able to include a website link, which allows businesses to link to product and other content featured on their website. For this reason, it should come as no surprise that Pinterest is one of the effective social media platforms for driving web traffic! In fact, Pinterest is the largest driver of web traffic (due to social media platform referrals), second only to Facebook.

Boost Your Brand Awareness: Pinterest is a useful platform for businesses to showcase their brand’s unique personality and values to engaged, loyal consumers. Pinterest enables businesses to grow their brand awareness, boost their brand engagement and strengthen the brand affinity of their fans and followers through beautiful collections of pins on unique, at times witty pin boards. Pinners are more open to following and engaging with brands on Pinterest than on any other social media platform—in fact, 83% of active Pinners in a recent study by Ahalogy indicated that they would rather follow their favorite brand than their favorite celebrity, and 67% would rather follow their favorite brand of baby products (for example) than a baby expert!

Set the Trends: Pinterest is so much more than just a visually-appealing, online bulletin board—it’s a social media platform that many of today’s early adapters and trend seekers utilize to discover the latest trends and styles. Most pinners consider themselves trend seekers, and believe Pinterest is one of the best resources to help them find new products to try and discover the latest trends and styles in fashion, home decor, and beyond!

Tell Your Story: Pinterest is a place where businesses are able to stand out and show what they do in exciting, innovative way. Establishing a presence on Pinterest and pinning relevant, meaningful content allows businesses to reflect their business values in a fresh, fun way.

Inspire Action in a High-Intent Environment:  At it’s core—Pinterest inspires action. In fact, recent studies show that 84% of daily Pinners are inspired to try something new once a week! Many of today’s top businesses utilize Pinterest to inspire their target audience to try something new. The high-intent environment of Pinterest is truly unlike any other. Pinterest is where millions of users go to discover the latest styles and hottest trends each and every day, which influences their future buying habits. Pinterest offers businesses an innovative platform to expose and inspire a high-intent audience to new product, by allowing Pinners to save or “pin” the product for later.

It’s More Search Than Social: Since its inception, Pinterest has continued to transform into more of a visual search engine, and less of a social platform geared toward outward social expression. Over the past year in particular, the Pinner experience has evolved to reflect the high-intent nature of the Pinterest user.

Prompt Purchases Through Discovery: Pinners often use Pinterest to look up recipes, search for supplies for an upcoming project, plan an upcoming event (like a wedding or a child’s 10th birthday) or find inspiration for a new venture. A recent study noted that 67% of users have used Pinterest to look for inspiration while shopping, 61% of Pinterest users then checked out the item they saw on Pinterest in person, and 58% of Pinners bought the item in question. Pinterest-inspired purchase behavior has increased significantly over the past year—in fact, over 89% of daily Pinners have bought something they first discovered on Pinterest.

It’s clear that Pinners are quite receptive to businesses that share useful, meaningful and relevant content on Pinterest. Today’s Pinners are highly engaged, extremely mobile and ready to buy! We think you’ll agree—you simply can’t deny the power of Pinterest!