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The Importance of Video in the Social Marketing Sphere

When it comes to reaching out to prospective clients, video offers a unique form of communication that gets across what text and audio simply can’t.

Industry trends indicate video use will be on the rise among the marketing community. Here at Borcz + Dixon, we’ve noticed that trend as well and our clients have benefitted from it.

Here are some guidelines to ensure your videos hit their mark.


Make it memorable. Whether your audience views a six-, 15- or 30-second video, it‚’ imperative that something stands out.

Apple has made waves in recent months in the form of a pre-teen uttering three simple words: ‚”What‚’ a computer?‚” Unknowingly, she not only ignited a conversation about modern-day technology but became the centerpiece of a commercial in which people vividly remember the brand and the details of the video.

Live videos

Facebook, Instagram and Periscope offer businesses the chance to produce not just a live video stream, but a chance to interact with consumers in real time. Anyone watching a live stream can submit questions and receive answers in real time along with added insight on the business from the person running the video.

For example, a homebuilder preparing for an open house can give viewers (and potential homeowners) a virtual home tour. The tour would detail floor plans and provide valuable information through a live question and answer session.

Six-second videos

In today‚’ hyperactive world filled with more access to entertainment and information than ever before, brands have had to get creative with how they reach busy consumers. Six-second ads have become a way for businesses to get more bang for their buck. With ads being considerably shorter, viewers feel the same way.

Last year the NFL introduced ads that air while a second screen continues to show what is happening at the stadium, compelling viewers to stay on the channel.


Does the consumer feel like you’re talking to them when they watch your video? Something as simple as integrating user-created video into your marketing plans can have long-reaching effects. Videos from real customers demonstrating your product will never go out of style.

If you’re looking for an innovative way to expand your brand, video is a trusty and creative addition to your 2018 marketing strategy.

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