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Bruce Borcz Is Awarded Highest Honor at the 2018 GALA

October has been a very exciting month for AdsIntelligence Marketing! Why, you ask? Well, for one, it’s the season for the Great American Living Awards, an awards ceremony that honors the building industry’s best and brightest. From grand awards to sales achievements to marketing and design materials, professionals within all aspects of the industry get their chance to shine as they’re recognized for their hard work and dedication.

Hall of Fame awardOne award, in particular, has us celebrating here at AdsIntelligence – the Hall of Fame award. Each year, this grand award goes to one individual who has been an extraordinarily influential player in the Washington Metropolitan area building industry. We’re proud to announce that our very own, Bruce Borcz, was the winner of the 2018 Hall of Fame award, and we couldn’t think of anyone more deserving (because to us, he’s already a legend!).

“I am pleased, honored and humbled by the selection and excited to join the past recipients who I have admired for their work in the homebuilding industry,” said Bruce. “The best award is always the one given by one’s own colleagues.”

For those who don’t know Bruce, he is one of the owners of AdsIntelligence Marketing, formerly known as Borcz+Dixon. If you have a question about marketing and sales for the home building industry, Bruce is your guy. Throughout his 40+ years of professional experience, Bruce has been a force within the home building industry with his immense marketing and sales knowledge. This experience has brought his client’s great success (hard work truly pays off) and a rewarding career.

Those who know Bruce professionally know him as one of the hardest working advertising executives in the industry, but to us, he’s much more. He’s the consummate jokester who has a quip ready when he walks in the door every morning. The family man who lets us go early on those beautiful Friday afternoons (Thanks, Bruce!). The charmer who can hold a conversation with anyone and everyone, even dishing some of his famous tidbits of wisdom. Most importantly, he’s an inspiration to all of us here at AdsIntelligence and to the clients he has built meaningful relationships with over the years.

“It all started some 40 plus years ago, but it really restarted in the mid 90’s when Jay Dixon and I began working together,” he shares. “It’s now been ‘officially’ 16 years, the teacher is now the student and I couldn’t be more proud of our time together and the outstanding work that we and our team have produced for our clients.”

This one’s for you, Bruce. Congratulations!

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