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The Importance of Good Design in Advertising

Advertise (v.)
To describe or draw attention to a product, service or event in a public medium in order to promote sales or attendance

If we accept the above definition of what it means to advertise, that means that our job as an advertising agency is to draw as much attention to our clients’ products (or services or events) as we possibly can.

We use a variety of tools and methods to place your advertisements in front of as many potential consumers as we can, but just that placement alone isn’t going to be enough to persuade someone to interact with and ultimately purchase the product.

In today’s advertising landscape, consumers are constantly bombarded with advertisements everywhere they look, not just in “the real world”, but inside the world of their devices as well. With this in mind, it is best to take a holistic approach; it is important to give consideration and care to every step between the ad’s conception and the moment it is placed in front of a potential customer. This means that creativity must work hand-in-hand with strategy to deliver the best results.

This is where graphic design comes in.

At AdsIntelligence Marketing, we think of design as art with a mission. While fine art is perhaps made to be interpreted through the lens of one’s own worldview or just appreciated for its aesthetic value, the goal of design is to communicate a specific message as effectively as possible while still being visually interesting. Our goal in the creative department is to create designs that are compelling and unique enough to break through the endless monotony of scrolling through a feed or a driving down a highway, but also be legible with a clear typographic hierarchy in order to communicate quickly and effectively. Each ad must also get along with their brother and sister ads to be recognized as part of a cohesive brand. Ad campaigns often have multiple elements—small online banner ads, huge billboards, emails, magazine ads and other collateral. It is the job of the designer to make all of these different elements work together.

As a company, it is also important to appear professional and trusted. Not putting much effort into your branded appearance could convey to the consumer that perhaps you don’t put much effort into your product as well. Working with an agency or professional designer means avoiding this potential problem and gaining expertise in the fields of design and marketing to help drive results.

At the of the day, good design can be a lot of things; It can be persuasive, enticing, exciting or reliable. Colors, typography, imagery and layout all blend together to convey an intended message in a way that speaks to its audience. At AdsIntelligence, we’re a full-service agency that can not only place your ads where they will reach your audience, we can also brand your business and design advertising campaigns that speak to them and help influence their buying decisions.

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