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In Touch With Our New Reality

A recent study of over 250 predominantly small ad agencies conducted by Ad World Masters has found that while there are some fears about the current situation, many teams expect to weather the storm. And that’s a good thing – we, as agencies, are seeing that we will have an important role in this new normal. So what does that look like?

Around the globe, people are finding that we are connected, sometimes in ways that we didn’t even realize. Our online life has become the focus, rather than a distraction, and technology has become hyper-important. We are using the internet in ways that its early developers envisioned – connection, sharing of information and resources, and as a tool to crowd-source solutions to emerging issues. The importance of equitable distribution of accurate information is at the forefront of everyone’s mind. Instead of sometimes feeling like keeping in touch is something we have to do, it’s become something we want to do, as we reach out to people we haven’t talked to in years, just to say “Hi!” and see how they are coping. Retail stores and restaurants are adjusting business models, and many of us are changing how (and where) we do our jobs. The way the world works, in both our personal and professional lives, continues to change, seemingly every day. As an ad agency, we want to add in a positive way to this new digital landscape.

Being digital marketers, we know we have to lead by example, since we are at the forefront of new online technologies and methods. At AdsIntelligence, our focus has always been on communication – with our clients, with potential customers, and with our team. It is important to us now, more than ever, to keep honest and clear information flowing on all channels. We are fortunate that our industry allows us to seamlessly transition from an in-house team to working remotely (some agencies have been fully remote for years!), and it’s been a reminder that we are each essential parts of a whole. Innovation that combines our previous digital success with new methods, processes, and tools leads us forward, and we’re finding that just because we’re not all in the same room doesn’t mean we can’t collaborate and work together as a group. Our entire team had a wonderfully creative brainstorming session (we had some incredibly ingenious ideas!), and we are virtually meeting with all of our clients to create individually tailored plans and timelines for execution. We want to show others that we can not only maintain our status quo, we can rise above whatever challenges are thrown our way.

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