AdsIntelligence Wins Nine GALA Awards For 2020

The Great American Living Awards are always a highlight of the year, as all the hard work of the industry’s sales, marketing, design, building, and development teams is showcased and rewarded. It’s recognition of a job (or, in our case, jobs) well done. We’re so proud this year to be the recipient of NINE awards […]

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6 Digital Marketing Tips for Real Estate

6 marketing tips for real estate post

Real estate is, by its very nature, all about the property. But just as a test drive is the best way to match yourself to an automobile, an in-person visit has always been a must when buying a home. Only by walking through the rooms, becoming enamored with the layout, and having that magical “this […]

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BERT and… SEO (You were expecting Ernie?)

BERT and SEO post

In the olden days of a few years ago, everyone was stressing about keywords when looking at Search Engine Optimization (SEO). What keywords are you targeting? How often do they appear and how prominent are they in your content? Keywords provided not only a focus for the content, but also acted as beacons to search […]

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