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Intern Takeover – Claire’s Favorite Things About the Office

My name is Claire, and I am excited to share that I have joined AI’s team as their social media intern!

Being an intern at a marketing firm is nothing like what you see in the movies. I don’t make coffee runs, and I have never been asked to make a copy.

Does the office even have a copy machine? I honestly don’t know! I don’t think I have ever seen anyone make a copy. 

I have been with AI for a little over two months now and feel like I have learned so much about the digital marketing world. Even more than what I have learned in my expensive college courses!

But instead of boring you with what I have learned at AI thus far, I thought it would be more fun to share my favorite things about the office. 

The office dogs

Need I say more! At AI we are lucky enough to have two doggie regulars. Winston, an office veteran, is a 10-year-old lab-chow mix. He spends his days sleeping in his mom’s office and around lunch time makes his rounds. If you give Winston some of your lunch he will become your forever friend, only a small price to pay for all that doggie love! Winston is a true team player, you can find him lying in on meetings in the conference room and accepting packages (dog treats) from FedEx drivers. Remi is a 1-year-old Havapoo. As the youngest member of the AI team she is contained in her mom Gina’s office for most of the day. But don’t worry, she gets carried around the office for visits regularly! Occasionally Remi will sneak away from her mom to explore the office – this is when I place her in my lap for snuggles while I work.

The background music 

If you are looking for that perfect office playlist on Spotify, look no further! “Songs that Excite the White Folk” is the current office favorite. Filled with all the songs you know and love. It is the perfect combination of songs that you forgot you knew and the ones you know every single word to. As I am writing this post I am jamming out to “Yeah” by Usher, silently singing along with Lil John every time he screams “yeah!” This playlist truly excites me! Way more than the eight overplayed songs on any hits radio station.

Media Mingle Fridays

Media Mingle is AI’s way of having a little fun at the end of the week. It’s a full team meeting on Friday afternoons via Zoom where we play some sort of game. Recently our go-to is Quiplash. This online game shows question prompts to each player for them to answer anonymously, then all players vote on their favorite answers. The prompts entice some crazy answers, giving everyone a good laugh. As a newbie in the office I appreciate this weekly ritual because it has allowed me to get to know things about my team members that aren’t on their LinkedIn profiles. I recently found the online game, GeoGuessr, which tests players’ geography knowledge. Maybe this Friday we will get to crown an office geography master!

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