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Portfolio Spotlight: Birchwood at Brambleton

AdsIntelligence helps a diverse collection of clients reach their even-more-diverse audiences. We mix unmatched creativity, proven marketing experience, and acute advertising intelligence to form the secret sauce to our many successes.

As an award-winning, full-service advertising agency that keeps its clients on the forefront of an evolving marketing landscape, we wanted to show some of those successes. And so, our portfolio spotlight illuminates Birchwood at Brambleton.

Birchwood at Brambleton is an award-winning blend of never-before-built condominiums, courtyards, villas, and single-family homes providing low-maintenance places for active adults to plan all their adventures. It is part of the much-lauded Brambleton, a master planned community in Loudoun County, Virginia that’s been thoughtfully designed to provide more access, more walkability, and more connectedness for its residents.

Ai has been with Birchwood since their very beginning. In 2016, we designed their landing page when the community was slightly more than a concept. We fleshed out the landing page into their website in 2017, expanding it over the years as new information, homes, and photos were available.

But a lot has changed in the last five years, both in the community and with trends in web design. As websites age in proverbial dog years, and with new homes coming soon, we knew Birchwood’s web presence needed to take a cue from their tag line: “Life refreshes at 55.” That is, their website needed a refresh—something to bring their online vision up to date.

We focused on making the entire experience more cohesive, engaging, and informative. Taking inspiration from the cursive flourish in “Life” from the original website, we echoed that aesthetic throughout all the messaging to unify the headings. We also changed the secondary main font to a slimmer, more modern choice to better represent this exceptional active adult community and be easier to read.

As the community has grown and continues to grow, we wanted to spotlight everything special about Birchwood. More information is presented on the refreshed home page, bringing the community’s new home builders and amenities front and center. Without having to click on menu choices, visitors to the website refresh can explore a detailed overview of this 55+ community in one scroll, leading to a more responsive mobile experience.

No-longer-fashionable mouseovers were removed and replaced with on-trend image motion which actively captivates a viewer’s attention. We reduced the height of header images on interior pages to make the eye flow quicker to the content (the meat of the page).

As the community itself expands, so have the interior pages of the website, organically incorporating galleries of new homes and amenities whose images just didn’t exist when we first created Birchwood’s web presence. The refreshed design also let us find dynamic new ways to highlight important information.

Our updated website for Birchwood at Brambleton has evolved for the current wave of new-home buyers using current trends in web design. It has been unified, matured, and polished to better show off this phenomenal active-adult community. We think this new look is the perfect virtual complement to Birchwood winning Ideal Living’s “Best of the Best” Planned Communities in 2020.


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