Will Google’s Topics Replace Third-Party Cookies?

Google’s FLoC is out. Topics is in (for now). When last we wrote about Google’s plan to replace third-party cookies with something less invasive, FloC was all the rage. FLoC stands for Federated Learning of Cohorts. With FLoC, as you visit websites, your browser compiles a list of what it thinks are your interests, and […]

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Adjusting our Facebook Ad Strategy with iOS 14.5 – 6 Months Later

In May, we offered some thoughts about how iOS 14.5 was going to change our interactions with Facebook. The whole “opting out of Facebook tracking as default” thing. (And, really, giving the user power to deny tracking for all apps at once by keeping this setting on the default—but we’re just focusing on Facebook for […]

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User Generated Content: Engaging Through Participation

Marketing is all about engagement. Engage your audience with your message and they will respond. But engaging doesn’t mean just capturing their attention—you need to get them involved in your marketing. Because, in the immortal words of David Ogilvy in his famous 1982 ad, How to create advertising that sells, “It pays to involve the […]

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Digital Marketing Spotlight: Beating Bots & Taking Names

Recent analyses of web traffic have found that up to almost 2/3 of all internet traffic is automated. And by “automated,” we of course mean only one thing: non-human bots. Bots are programs that exist online to perform specific tasks. There are good bots and bad bots. Good bots do things like scanning attachments and […]

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Data-Driven Attribution is Coming to Google Ads

Google Ads metrics are just random numbers if the data isn’t actionable. Google knows this, which is why they are always tinkering with the way data is measured and collected. For some time, Google Ads has been using a last-click attribution model (a rules-based model) as the default to determine conversion for many accounts. Last-click by […]

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How’s It Going? — An Introduction to Conversational Copywriting (And What Makes It So Effective)

Hey. How’s it going? We’re doing fine, but it’s been too long since we had a little chat. What’s that? You want to know why we’re writing like this. . . so conversationally? Well, this is the introduction to our blog about conversational copywriting, so it just made sense. We’re hooking you in with short […]

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Keeping Distributed Employees (Remote Workers) Engaged with Internal Marketing

To put it mildly, the last couple of years have changed the face of many workplaces throughout the country and around the world. Many of those faces, in fact, only appear on computer screens because they are not working from the office. They are working from home. In the past, they were called remote workers. […]

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Millennials: Importance in Marketing Real Estate on Social Media

Social media is one of the main communication methods of those aged 25-40: the millennials. New platforms have come and gone, but the power of social media as a prime millennial form of expression has held strong. Perhaps it’s the conversational nature of social media, where access to the inner thoughts of both people and […]

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Digital Marketing in Transition: Privacy Prompts Adaptive Marketing

iOS 14.5 is already an old update, but its changes will resonate for years to come. Changes that give users more control over their information through advanced privacy settings. Changes that impact how marketers can target their marketing and analyze the results. And more changes are on the way from Apple, Google, and others. This […]

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National Rotisserie Chicken Day Blog – June 2

National Rotisserie Chicken Day (and the power of a great slogan) National Rotisserie Chicken Day may seem like an odd day for a marketing firm to highlight, but there’s a good reason we are. The slogan. Those few little words that burrow into your subconscious, repeating into infinity. The important marketing tools that make you […]

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Memorial Day and Social Media: How To Do It Right

Every year on the last Monday of May, we celebrate Memorial Day. While to some it’s day for cookouts or a day off from school, Memorial Day is really about remembering and honoring those in the military who gave their life for our freedom. It began at the end of the Civil War, though the […]

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Ai Brings Home Four MAX Awards

Max Awards 2020

Presented by the Maryland Building Industry Association’s (MBIA) Sales & Marketing Council, the annual Maryland Awards of Excellence (MAX) highlights the best home builders, marketers, designers, and sales associates. Ai is proud to announce we won four awards this year at the 2020 MAX celebration: no other marketing agency won more! Showcasing every facet of […]

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National Pizza Party Day – A Celebration of Marketing

Pizza Day - AdsIntelligence Marketing

National Pizza Party Day is celebrated on the third Friday of May, because Fridays are, quite simply, the best days to have pizza parties. To celebrate this delicious occasion (and to get everyone salivating), we wanted to showcase how marketing throughout the ages has given rise to the popularity of pizza. It’s an interesting history, […]

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Adjusting our Facebook Ad Strategy with iOS 14.5

iOS 14.5 is here and with it comes a major potential disruption to Facebook Ad performance, specifically by opting out of allowing the Facebook pixel to track users’ online activities. This affects all of Facebook’s apps: Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp.   It’s this disruption to the FB pixel’s ability to collect user data where […]

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iOS, Facebook Ads, and Privacy

Facebook ads as we know them are about to change. Maybe. And all because of some new privacy settings in an iOS 14 update. Coming soon. Apple is touting this change as new privacy protections for its users, while Facebook is bemoaning the impact these new “restrictions” will have on small businesses. But what’s really […]

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The marriage of words and pictures (and how both affect user experience)

This blog has an image above it. And that carefully curated and designed header image accents and complements these words. An image that gives you a taste of what these words will be discussing. There are even words incorporated over the image. But why? Why do we need both images and words in a blog […]

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Use Location to Better Target Your Customers

location to target customers post

You’ve heard it before: the real estate business is all about location, location, location. Buyers need to know all the positives of the locale of their potential new home: where it is and what it’s near. But the property’s address can also be used to push your advertising right to the customers who are more […]

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6 Digital Marketing Tips for Real Estate

6 marketing tips for real estate post

Real estate is, by its very nature, all about the property. But just as a test drive is the best way to match yourself to an automobile, an in-person visit has always been a must when buying a home. Only by walking through the rooms, becoming enamored with the layout, and having that magical “this […]

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Google AdWords Update

google Adwords update post

On June 11th Google announced significant changes to its self-managed advertising platform (Adwords) regarding real estate advertising. In short, by the end of 2020 they’re eliminating the ability for advertisers to target ads based on certain demographics and zip codes. We anticipated this move in light of all the trouble Facebook has endured over the […]

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Google My Business: The What, Why, & How

google my business post

Everyone has been talking about Google My Business (GMB), and how important it is for your business. But what is it, and how do you use it? This is a short guide to the What, Why, and How of GMB, so that you can start using it right now! GMB is an offshoot of the […]

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In Touch With Our New Reality

A recent study of over 250 predominantly small ad agencies conducted by Ad World Masters has found that while there are some fears about the current situation, many teams expect to weather the storm. And that’s a good thing – we, as agencies, are seeing that we will have an important role in this new […]

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The Intersection of SEO & Social – Google My Business: Part 3

Google reviews logo

Part One and Part Two flew by, now we’re on our last leg of the Google My Business journey. We’ve discussed what GMB is, how you can utilize its features to combine SEO and social efforts with search, and how to collect insights to learn more about your customers’ searching habits. So, what’s next? One thing we […]

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The Intersection of SEO & Social – Google My Business: Part 2

GMB direction requests

In Part One of The Intersection of SEO & Social, we talked about the different features of Google My Business, including Google Posts which allow you to share videos and posts you may have only posted on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube. But wait – there’s more! Just like social media, you’re able to check the […]

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The Intersection of SEO & Social – Google My Business: Part 1

Google My Business logo

It’s no secret that social media is changing. Each day we wake up there’s something new. We typically think of our favorite social media platforms – Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. But don’t forget Google, the world’s most beloved search engine. It’s imperative to consider Google when thinking about social media platforms and cross aggregating. But […]

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INFOGRAPHIC: The Mixology of Marketing

Every marketer knows that the key to a successful integrated marketing program all comes down to the mixology. Successful marketing campaigns need the same balance and precision as a perfectly mixed cocktail – with the ideal combination of ingredients! […]

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