The marriage of words and pictures (and how both affect user experience)

This blog has an image above it. And that carefully curated and designed header image accents and complements these words. An image that gives you a taste of what these words will be discussing. There are even words incorporated over the image. But why? Why do we need both images and words in a blog […]

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Cheers to National Cereal Day!

cereal day post

A bowl. A spoon. Some milk (of some sort). And the pling pling pling of shapes falling into a bowl. This is cereal. And if you’re a cereal lover like us, then today is our day. Join us in celebrating National Cereal Day by accepting some fun cereal knowledge we’ll spoon feed you. (Sorry.) Cap’n […]

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Let’s Revisit Grammar – National Grammar Day

grammar post

Grammar is something many people learn about in school because they have to and then promptly forget. Parts of speech. Which words you should never end sentences with. How to use punctuation properly. But grammar is actually much more exciting than just rules in a book. There are even different types of grammar, including one […]

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