6 Digital Marketing Tips for Real Estate

6 marketing tips for real estate post

Real estate is, by its very nature, all about the property. But just as a test drive is the best way to match yourself to an automobile, an in-person visit has always been a must when buying a home. Only by walking through the rooms, becoming enamored with the layout, and having that magical “this […]

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Enlist Your Employees to Spread Your Message (Especially During a Pandemic)

enlisting employees to spread message through pandemic post

You have a social media army at your fingertips: your employees. They are ready to spread your message across all their social spheres, provided your message is worthy. They are bastions of trust to their friends—a trust that can be extended to your brand. This great news comes at the best time during this worst […]

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In Touch With Our New Reality

A recent study of over 250 predominantly small ad agencies conducted by Ad World Masters has found that while there are some fears about the current situation, many teams expect to weather the storm. And that’s a good thing – we, as agencies, are seeing that we will have an important role in this new […]

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