April Fools! A Holiday History

Ah, April Fools’ day: a day of jests and pranks. Whether it was Burger King’s “Left-Handed Whopper” in 2008, or the BBC announcing a record pasta harvest in Switzerland in 1957, harmless fun at the expense of the gullible is a world-wide, day-long tradition. But April Fools’ Day has a very unique and storied history. […]

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Holiday History – St. Patrick’s Day

st patricks day history post

Ah, St. Patrick’s Day. The day when everyone wears “Kiss Me I’m Irish” shirts, decorates their offices in shamrocks, eats corned beef and cabbage, and drinks green beer. But why do we do the things we do? Where do these traditions come from? And does any of it actually relate to the Irish or St. […]

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