Digital Marketing Spotlight: Beating Bots & Taking Names

Recent analyses of web traffic have found that up to almost 2/3 of all internet traffic is automated. And by “automated,” we of course mean only one thing: non-human bots. Bots are programs that exist online to perform specific tasks. There are good bots and bad bots. Good bots do things like scanning attachments and […]

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Intern Takeover – Claire’s Favorite Things About the Office

My name is Claire, and I am excited to share that I have joined AI’s team as their social media intern! Being an intern at a marketing firm is nothing like what you see in the movies. I don’t make coffee runs, and I have never been asked to make a copy. Does the office […]

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Use Location to Better Target Your Customers

location to target customers post

You’ve heard it before: the real estate business is all about location, location, location. Buyers need to know all the positives of the locale of their potential new home: where it is and what it’s near. But the property’s address can also be used to push your advertising right to the customers who are more […]

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Let’s Revisit Grammar – National Grammar Day

grammar post

Grammar is something many people learn about in school because they have to and then promptly forget. Parts of speech. Which words you should never end sentences with. How to use punctuation properly. But grammar is actually much more exciting than just rules in a book. There are even different types of grammar, including one […]

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Classic Concepts for Marketing Mastery

classic marketing post

The true purpose of any author is to have the reader remember their work. Maybe not the whole work, but at least a part of it, which the reader takes with them and, like a seed, spreads to others. From a scholarly mindset, this is how ideas implant themselves into society and grow to bear […]

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AdsIntelligence Wins Nine GALA Awards For 2020

The Great American Living Awards are always a highlight of the year, as all the hard work of the industry’s sales, marketing, design, building, and development teams is showcased and rewarded. It’s recognition of a job (or, in our case, jobs) well done. We’re so proud this year to be the recipient of NINE awards […]

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6 Digital Marketing Tips for Real Estate

6 marketing tips for real estate post

Real estate is, by its very nature, all about the property. But just as a test drive is the best way to match yourself to an automobile, an in-person visit has always been a must when buying a home. Only by walking through the rooms, becoming enamored with the layout, and having that magical “this […]

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The Intersection of SEO & Social – Google My Business: Part 3

Google reviews logo

Part One and Part Two flew by, now we’re on our last leg of the Google My Business journey. We’ve discussed what GMB is, how you can utilize its features to combine SEO and social efforts with search, and how to collect insights to learn more about your customers’ searching habits. So, what’s next? One thing we […]

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The Intersection of SEO & Social – Google My Business: Part 2

GMB direction requests

In Part One of The Intersection of SEO & Social, we talked about the different features of Google My Business, including Google Posts which allow you to share videos and posts you may have only posted on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube. But wait – there’s more! Just like social media, you’re able to check the […]

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The Intersection of SEO & Social – Google My Business: Part 1

Google My Business logo

It’s no secret that social media is changing. Each day we wake up there’s something new. We typically think of our favorite social media platforms – Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. But don’t forget Google, the world’s most beloved search engine. It’s imperative to consider Google when thinking about social media platforms and cross aggregating. But […]

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INFOGRAPHIC: The Mixology of Marketing

Every marketer knows that the key to a successful integrated marketing program all comes down to the mixology. Successful marketing campaigns need the same balance and precision as a perfectly mixed cocktail – with the ideal combination of ingredients! […]

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