8 Ways to Improve Your E-A-T (And Positively Affect Your Google Ranking)

google's algorithm

E-A-T. In a figurative sense, it’s what’s for dinner. E-A-T. Expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. These are three important factors in Google’s website ranking, but not directly. E-A-T is a three-course meal of how to focus your content to make the most of Google’s ever-evolving algorithm. Not by trickery or attempting to game the system, mind […]

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The marriage of words and pictures (and how both affect user experience)

This blog has an image above it. And that carefully curated and designed header image accents and complements these words. An image that gives you a taste of what these words will be discussing. There are even words incorporated over the image. But why? Why do we need both images and words in a blog […]

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BERT and… SEO (You were expecting Ernie?)

BERT and SEO post

In the olden days of a few years ago, everyone was stressing about keywords when looking at Search Engine Optimization (SEO). What keywords are you targeting? How often do they appear and how prominent are they in your content? Keywords provided not only a focus for the content, but also acted as beacons to search […]

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The Intersection of SEO & Social – Google My Business: Part 3

Google reviews logo

Part One and Part Two flew by, now we’re on our last leg of the Google My Business journey. We’ve discussed what GMB is, how you can utilize its features to combine SEO and social efforts with search, and how to collect insights to learn more about your customers’ searching habits. So, what’s next? One thing we […]

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The Intersection of SEO & Social – Google My Business: Part 2

GMB direction requests

In Part One of The Intersection of SEO & Social, we talked about the different features of Google My Business, including Google Posts which allow you to share videos and posts you may have only posted on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube. But wait – there’s more! Just like social media, you’re able to check the […]

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The Intersection of SEO & Social – Google My Business: Part 1

Google My Business logo

It’s no secret that social media is changing. Each day we wake up there’s something new. We typically think of our favorite social media platforms – Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. But don’t forget Google, the world’s most beloved search engine. It’s imperative to consider Google when thinking about social media platforms and cross aggregating. But […]

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INFOGRAPHIC: The Mixology of Marketing

Every marketer knows that the key to a successful integrated marketing program all comes down to the mixology. Successful marketing campaigns need the same balance and precision as a perfectly mixed cocktail – with the ideal combination of ingredients! […]

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